• Dean’s Office
  • Office of Education
  • Office of External Affairs


  • Department of Animal Sciences and Animal Husbandry
    The department teaches subjects that belong to the sciences of zoology, animal physiology, animal nutrition and animal husbandry.
  • Department of Plant Science and Biotechnology
    The department teaches subject to provide the knowledge of botany, plant physiology, genetics, biochemistry and microbiology.
  • Department of Crop Production and Soil Science
    The department teaches subjects which are needed to acquire the knowledge of cultivation and plant growing. The subjects include the basic knowledge of soil science, land usage, agro-chemistry and agricultural technologies.
  • Department of Horticulture
    The task of the department is to teach subjects in connection with horticulture. Students can learn about fruit growing, vegetable growing, viticulture and ornamental plant growing.
  • Department of Meteorology and Water Management
    The task of the department is to teach subjects in connection with water management, meteorology, environmental protection and waste management.
  • Department of Agricultural Mechanization
    The department provides education in the field of the mechanization of agriculture by teaching subjects in connection with physics and technical studies.
  • Institute of Plant Protection
    The task of the institute is to teach subjects in connection with plant protection: plant pathology, plant protection zoology, herbology, weeds control, pesticide chemistry, plant protection hygiene, environmental friendly methods of plant protection.
  • Department of Economic Methodology
    The department teaches basic subjects, applied mathematics, IT, statistics and accountancy in all the majors of the faculty.
  • Department of Economic and Social Sciences
    The department teaches several subjects of the fields of social and economic sciences: economics, law, marketing, sociology, agricultural economics, EU studies, philosophy, organizational and managerial studies, quality management and rural tourism.
  • Department of Corporate Economics and Rural Development
    The task of the department is to teach corporate economics, (the economics of agricultural companies and branches), human resources management and international and corporate finance
  • Department of Foreign Languages
    The task of the department is to provide general and technical language learning. English and German can be studied. The department operates as a language examination centre as well, five general (Origó, Pannon, ECL, BME, EURO) and two technical exams (Zöldút, KITEX) can be taken.
  • Georgikon Educational Farm
    The main location of practical education is the educational farm. 885 ha of field and 480 ha of arable land are cultivated. The work of plant growing, animal husbandry and horticulture is done by the active contribution of the students.