It is important for all institutions to create a true picture of their activities and that everybody who is interested can keep track of their development. In the past few years, as a result of the new challenges, the Georgikon has changed in many ways. In Transdanubia it offers one of the most colourful educational palettes of all levels of higher education. In accordance with the challenges of the 21st century, it has established new fields of research and its service and counselling activities have changed fundamentally. On behalf of the more than two hundred years Georgikon management we would like to inform our former students, partners, guests and friends about these changes.

In the past few years the judgement and prestige of the Georgikon have improved, which is reinforced by the record number of enquires of secondary school students and by the feedback from outside. Compared to the possibilities we have realized significant investments in the buildings of education, the student hostel, the student clubs and on the educational farm. The staff of lecturers has renewed and young, talented lecturers have gained strength.

A lot of us have worked hard and done extra work for the results that we have reached. We are trying to be a little better year by year, day by day. This strategy seems to be more effective than the big recrudescence or to draw up large scale aims.

One thing, however, has not changed in the course of time. The atmosphere is still homely in Keszthely, where people in difficulty can find a helping hand, where it is good to return after graduation.

We do everything so that our students can be entirely satisfied with the years they spend with us. It seems to work well because our students spread our good fame throughout the country due to the results we have reached.

One of our most important tasks is still to keep our traditions and to create new ones. We commemorate the life of the „great predecessors” that we set an example for the young people in this confusing world. The slogan of the Georgikon is still a compass in the everyday life of the staff and the students.

If any information has caught your interest, do not hesitate to contact us.