Is it compulsory to have a certified language exam? If I do not have one, what is the desired level of the language?

As the excellent command of English is a must (at least B2 level), those candidates are preferred who are able to proof their knowledge in English with a certified language exam (TOEFL or other equivalent ones). If the applicant conducted studies in an institution where the language of education was English, a certification issued by the competent institution shall be attached that lists those subjects that the applicant studied and made exams in English. If the language of education was not English, a proof of English language proficiency has to be enclosed.

Relating IELTS scores to the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework
(Source: British Council

If someone is a graduate student and will receive his / her diploma only in June, is it possible to apply and send the diploma then as a completion?

Of course, it is possible. The applicant should indicate that his / her studies are in progress and the expected date of graduation, it will be taken into consideration.

Would you give me a brief idea about cost of living in Keszthely?

The minimum salary in Hungary is 67500 HUF/month. Your scholarship is a little bit more as your accomodation is financed by FAO and the Ministry. You can buy your food, clothes, and general stuff easily. But it is not enough to buy extras, e.g. a laptop or a television or anything like this.

Could you please inform me about the weather in Hungary?

According to the weather and dress, please do not forget the chilly winter. Weather is always different from the coldest winter (-10-15 celsius) to the hottest summer (35 celsius). Wind, rain, snow and sun can also happen.

How can I travel from the capital city (Budapest) of Hungary to Keszthely?

While preparing your journey to Hungary, based on the flight information, an information package will be sent to you with all the necessary details (timetables, means of transport, schedules, maps) related to the journey. Public transport is the easiest and quickest way to travel to Keszthely.

Where is Keszthely in Hungary and how is it exactly?

Keszthely is one of the beautiest towns of Hungary. Being situated at Lake Balaton and surrounded with beautiful mountains, famous spas,  it is a touristical attraction. You can find more information about the town and place on the official websites of Keszthely town. You should check the "general in information on Hungary" in the main menu.