Academic programmes

Master (MSc) courses in English:

Plant Protection


Master (MSc) courses in Hungarian:
Animal Husbandry
Horticultural Engineer
Agricultural Environmental Engineering
Agricultural Biotechnology
Plant Protection
Animal Nutrition and Feed Safety
Nature Conservation Engineer
Rural Development Engineer

Bachelor (BSc) courses in Hungarian:
Agricultural Engineer
Rural Development
Horticultural Engineer Engineer
Oenology and Viticulture
Nature Conservation Engineer
Tourism and Catering

Postsecondary courses in Hungarian:
Agricultural engineering
Rural Development and Agribusiness
Viticulture and Oenology Technician
Tourism and catering

Unified Master('s) degree:
Agricultural Engineer

Post graduate programmes in Hungarian:
Advisor of Alternative Energy Production
Nature Conservation
Plant Protection Expert
Soil Science
Soil Protection Specialist
Tourism Destination Management
Precision Agricultural Advisory
Precision Agricultural Engineer Expert
Viticulture and Oenology Expert