Land Quality and Landscape Processes Conference

02-04 June, 2015, Keszthely, Hungary

lq2015 1 

Including two workshops:

I. Resource use efficiency in agriculture in Europe and China

organized by the Sino-EU Panel on Land and Soil


II. Soil information in the Danube basin

within the Land and Soil Nexus of the EU’s Danube Strategy


Scientific assessment of land qualities, their changes and underlying landscape processes are essential to produce comprehensive evaluation of land-based ecosystem services. Only with reliable information on land quality and its possible changes can resource efficient and sustainable land management applied. The LQ2015 conference aims to enhance the understanding of the role of land quality and landscape processes in rural systems and to progress the development of sustainable land use on different levels; from farm to continental scales.

Two workshops will be held within the conference with special focus on (i) resource use efficiency in agriculture in Europe and China and (ii) soil information in the Danube basin.

List of the key topics addressed and many more information is available on the conference website:

Registration to the conference and workshops is now open!







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